About us

Rumpumpel® is a Colombian Brand that can be described as: comfortable, fun, original and colorful. We design clothes for everyday use and our principal mission is to go along with our principal target, babies, through their first years of life, but we also think about the parents of these babies that want not only to dress their kids in original, practical and fun clothes, but also be interested in buying responsible wear brands.

With the China production getting bigger and making local factories getting closed, Rumpumpel® is created with the purpose to support and represent Colombian industry by building a production system with human and conscious treat with our allied workers.

Having the goal of supporting national industries, Rumpumpel uses local textiles with the best quality of the market, use fun combination of colors, design innovative accessories and believe truly in the stamp “Made in Colombia” for our products.

This adventure started in 2013 at Bogotá - Colombia, offering our products in national design fairs and to close friends. Today we make sales around the Country through internet in our own website. In August 2016, we started a B2B relationship with Panamá, shipping 3 orders until today. In 2017, Rumpumpel is expanding to the European markets, starting by selling online and having its based office in Zürich - Switzerland.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Rumpumpel you can join us in social media: @rumpumpelkids